Absolute is not a color actually. It is a category which groups colors with "Absolute" and have no defined category. Absolute means a particular thing which is already been to extreme. AB Fab = Absolutely Fabulous, meaning that a particular thing is so fabulous. Absolute Zero, another example of a color, meaning a thing which is completely zero with no negative number (Physics).

Colors and hex codesEdit

AB FabEdit

AB Fab is an abbreviation of Absolute Fabulous or Absolutely Fabulous. Absolutely Fabulous is a British sitcom created by Jennifer Saunders. However, the color doesn't match with the words of the sitcom and it lacks proof for this color. Therefore, it is defined as an imaginary color. This is color is come from It is a shade of pink and red and tint of black and purple.

AB Fab
Hex code
/eɪ bi: fæb/
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Absolute ZeroEdit

Absolute Zero comes from Crayola crayons. It is a special type of color in a special edition. There's some image which is tuned to Absolute Zero. For example this blue star, agrees with this color. Therefore, it can't be defined as an imaginary color. It is a shade of blue.

Absolute Zero
Are you Sirius (serious)?
Hex code
/æbsəluːt zɪərəʊ/
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