Air force is a military category for vehicles which flies in the air. Some vehicles might be "amphibious" in both land and air too. In Colorpedia, air force blue is a kind of blue that camouflages aircrafts in the air to prevent getting exposed in enemy's base. Air force blue is not an imaginary color and it is the first color that is posted in Wikipedia. {Infobox 2 |name = Air Force Blue |bodystyle = background:#000000 |title = Air Force Blue |titlestyle = background:#2895e7 |imagestyle = background:#2895e7 |image = Us-air-force-c-5-galaxy-c-17-globemaster |caption = I believe I can fly! I believe I can touch the sky! |headerstyle = background:#2895e7 |labelstyle = background:#2895e7 |datastyle = background:#2895e7 |header1 = Hex code |data2 = #2895E7 |header3 = Pronunciation |data4 = /si: blu:/}}

Colors and hex codesEdit

Air Force Blue (RAF)Edit

This azure shade comes from the flag of Royal Air Force. This colors is imply on many uniforms of the British Royal Air Force and planes as well.

Air Force Blue (RAF)
Ensign of the Royal Air Force
Flag always wins!
Hex code
/eə fɔːs blu: (a:(r) eɪ ef)/
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USAFA Blue (Reunion)Edit

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