Why there's Colorpedia you may ask. Since we need a bigger library, we need a wiki for all colors. Even though there are many imaginary colors, this wiki is for many colors that you may know. Colorpedia is a good place to search for your good colors. Just start going to the navigation bar and search for list of colors! This wiki is mostly referred to Wikipedia and many colors which are only found in pictures will be generated by color palette generator (CSS Drive) or Photoshop.

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Color Name Hexadecimal Code Example
Aquarium 253C48
Burnt Maroon 420303
Daffodil FFFF31
Eggshell F0EAD6
Goo 59BE37
Hurricane 877C7B
Indochine C26B03
Julep E3D081
Kangaroo C6C8BD
Lochinvar 2C8C84

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